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OVERVIEW - Update 24. September 08 (New Song added)

Posted by AeraDynamic - July 22nd, 2008

Start News
Beat Battle Page
Additional Projects
Current Project: Watching the World die

I currently have many Projects running at the same time and to keep track of everything and everyone this will be my only News Page for an indefinited period. It shows my Main News wich will be updated once a month or so and my current Projects with completion status. Since I don't have upgraded to FL8 I won't submit any Audio I guess (maybe I will sometimes if I put something cool together)


The Watching the World die Song Collection is a NG Project about animal killers and their daily "work". We try to get influences by this to create Songs about humanity, our planet and the things going wrong with it. We currently got HipHop, DnB, Ambient, Techno, Trance and Classic Artists hooked up. If you want to do a Track too, read the linked News and send me a PM.

Released Songs:
- AeraDynamic - Dying.Earth
- Two-Shekel - Sanctuary
- K-Dm - Desolation
- Quarl - Retribution (Mac8)
- 1nf1ltr8tor - Infilr8ted Lockdown v4
- NemesisTheory - They don't give a Damn
- Boney-Man - Tsunami
- Zajed - Fading

Supporting Artists:
- Me
- 1nf1ltr8or
- Waterflame
- Boney-Man
- NemesisTheory
- Stan-SB aka Trogdar
- Quarl
- FatKidWithAJetPack
- Semaphore
- Two-Shekel
- K-Dm
- Zajed
- KillBillvolume2
- War-Spawn
- Broken-Needle


All of my other Projects like my upcoming Video Game Tracks and some Remixes and Collabs can be found detailed on my Additional Projects Page. But first I need to upgrade to FL8 and get used to it, but after everything is fine I will come up with...

Video Game Tracks

- Many Remixes of the beautiful Metroid Prime Series
- At least 2 Doom 3 Tracks, one with the Mars City CPU and one more demonic
- A Quake Track which will be done with Quake 4 Weapon Samples
- A Track with speech samples from the Game The Darkness
- Some VG Remixes based on the SNES Game Terranigma
- Maybe a Track with Taunt Samples from Unreal Tournament 2003
- Remixes of some Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Tracks
- more to come...

Remixes and Collabs

- Remix of Tears of Mist (just awesome, I have to do it ^^ )
- Collab with Rig (we propably make one of the Doom Tracks together
- Collab with Dreamscaper (he will help me with the other Doom Track)
- Collab with Scribbler (plays and the E-Guitar in JJ2 Castle Song)
- Collab with Blasain1121 (I will use his 'Bolero of Fire' in a Song)
- Collab with LetsFokinRage (I love the beginning of 'Tensity')
- Collab with ElectricalBypass (we will remake his Matrix Track together)


On my Overview Page only my latest Beat Battle will be listed and only without Scores and Winner to keep order. Every Battle with full Details, Links and Scores can be found on my Beat Battle Page. Here the latest Update:

Combatants - Beats:
- G-Styles - AeraDynamic
- AeraDynamic - Extinction


OMG! This is the most awesome thing I ever seen on Youtube XD Do you knw the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridges Series? The most funniest Anime piss-take on the Internet? Guess what, things get even better now! Watch the Man behind all voices of the Abridged Series explaining why Naruto Abridged is better then Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged and why you need to get the official Naruto Headband ASAP!

/* */
Watch the Video to the very end, there is some extra pantwetting phrase waiting XD

Comments (10)

We need to do an ambient collab together, :) THANKS btw for adding me to your supporting artists list.

You said you would do a Track, so I put you on the list - If you do what you promised, maybe a new person will appear on my collab list ;) I'm looking forward to your Song and our cooperation!

i think the vg ideas are great! :) ive been planing to do some myself actually ut, its so far down the list at the moment... im glad to be a part of the colab! but i have so extremely limited ammount of time these days, so i barely just started.. i hope thats alright. i got so many things going on now i cant take it as a priority. altho, i will make it, the question is when X/ take care!

Haha! No Problem Bro, I knew about that and I choose to wait until its done :D I'm glad that you approved anyway and I got Nemesis and Dreamscaper on my back, their Songs seem to get finished soon. Nemesis started over new cause we both disagreed a bit with the Song...

oh and by the way, i see you have battle angle alita as your avatar? awesome. i red all the books, love the series. and cant wait for the movie!! :D

Yaeh that's her XD I just got a bunch of new Wallpapers from a Friend and decided to make this my Profile Style! I vectorized the Pic and took the colour from the NG Board to make some unclean borders and make it fit more in place <3 But I will probably change it as I get my hand on a more quality CS3 Picture or so.

Sounds like a great idea with the VG remixes Tobias! I've always wanted to hear someone remake/remix the Doom 3 level tracks. They're so atmospheric and can have so much depth and variety added to them. I'll be working on your track hopefully more this weekend since I had a few things pop-up this past weekend. I believe you will love the final result. Hope all is well man!

Yeah! I love you man!!! (u know ^^ ) I can't wait to see the full Song, I think you can't do anything wrong if you kept the style from the preview. Oh and... what about you collab with me on the second (or third maybe) Doom3 Remix? It would be awesome from what I can hear in your older Songs, we could make a stunnig Piece together! You got the Beat, I got the Atmosphere and the Samples... so? Wanna do it?

woot i wanna join the project''watching the world die''

COOL! Man you're officially in now! Show us your best! Good to have your support :D

glad to be on the team

Good to got you here :D I wonder what kind of Track we may put out...

looks like some long dick riding list yes? =D

Actually it's a Collab List... and I can't see you there. What collabs you got huh?? Oh, and btw, incest collabing with ya own group doesn't count XD

Oh yeah, this is good shit. THROW ME UP ON THAT LIST NUKKA.

ASAP Bro! Nice to have you on the trip man...

I'll join &quot;Watching the World Die.&quot;

I think my song &quot;Keep Moving&quot; would fit this topic perfectly, after listening to the other songs.

WOW! Cool I never thought this would make its way to you! You are on my iPod and your Music goes along with me at every single daily Step! I'm honored you want to give your Piece to this Colletion :D

Hm, I see you have A-New-Decade's and my song &quot;Crossfire&quot; as your 3rd favorite song! Thanks a lot lol!

Yeah its pretty badass XD I love it! You both did good with that one!