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(UPDATE) Need a break...

2011-03-30 12:24:23 by AeraDynamic

Hey there, for those who have been wondering what I was doing the last couple o' weeks or months I am currently flooded with stuff to do. I got applications to write, music to produce, serious soundtrack business to handle with zajed, one bazillion games to complete and I got to think of how to start a professional youtube comentary channel for games, music and other stuff (there are a few tutorials coming to that aswell for those who are interested) so yeah my life is pretty much loaded with things to take care of and I will take a break from NG

NEW UPDATE: New upload again! The preview cut of my latest tune can be heard HERE! Check out Contrary Love RIGHT NOW!

UPDATE: New upload! Check out my new tune Lavender Fields NOW!

UPDATE: All technological problems are solved now and fl10 is running like a beast!

FUCK I've been waiting so long for this to happen and I JUST got an e-mail from Image-Line that FL10 is now officially out of beta and the final version can be downloaded right HERE:

http://www.image-line.com/documents/ne ws.php?entry_id=1301017795&title=fl-st udio-10

I said it twice I know but this time I'm REALLY coming back with a blast!
I can't wait to get my hands dirty >:)


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2011-03-30 15:31:03

I'm a reason guy and I'm very disgruntled about not having enough money to upgrade to reason 5. congatz on the good news though. glad to hear FL is still going strong.

AeraDynamic responds:

well... actually I posted this while downloading the installer. To be honest I expected FL10 to be much more than just a graphic makeover and a few fancy new vsts that really don't do shit. Some new hotkeys and funktions tho but nothing really groundbreaking :/ I am dissapoint


2011-04-01 00:28:51


AeraDynamic responds:



2011-04-15 08:22:47

I'm work with Fl studio at the moment. It is a really great program to work with. But is the new version worth getting? :)

AeraDynamic responds:

well i got livetime updates so I got it for free and it really depends on the version you are working with currently and the kind of features that you care for and want to see in further versions. on youtube and image-lines homepage you can find product videos "fl10 - whats new" with all the information you need ;)


2011-04-25 22:13:37

i better see an average of 10 submissions per day

AeraDynamic responds:

nh just fucked down my new dnb tune to 2.64 LOL im so out if this community keeps being a dick like this...


2011-09-25 20:55:49